Ballistic Vests

ballistic vestSERVTRACK is proud to be recognized as the leading manufacturer of high quality body armour products for law enforcement, military and civilians for West Africa.

Manufactured with high quality materials, including Kevlar, woven aramide, unidirectional high performance polyethylene and hybrids, bullet proof vests SERVTRACK bullet proof vest obtain minimum weight at high protection and can be worn comfortably under a shirt or jacket or overtly over clothing.

Our bullet-resistance and stab protective vests defeat all threat levels meeting the latest international body armour standards and are regularly tested in accredited international ballistic laboratories.

SERVTRACK bullet proof vest offers a wide variety of personal protective features including:

  • Development of specific and untraditional ballistic systems
  • Production of full range configuration of ballistic vests including covert, overt, lady’s, VIP, floatation, tactical, military and special models
  • Light demining suit
  • Bullet proof inserts, ballistic shields, HAP and SAP
  • SERVTRACK bullet proof vest products incorporate the high ballistic protection together with advanced quality, low weight and competitive prices and keep the image of unique body armour, ensuring multi-threat protection in commitment to ensuring total customer satisfaction – from customer requirements to product design and every step along the way
  • Optimum Front and Back Protection
  • The traditional coverage concealable vest provides front and back protection. These protective capabilities, combined with low weight, a high degree of comfort and mobility, have made this SERVTRACK bullet proof vest preferable for concealable protection.
  • Four or six elastic straps, which are adjustable, provide a firm and comfortable fit
  • Easy-care, machine-washable polycotton or polyester,, salt water-resistance outershell
  • Removable ballistic panels
  • Available in varying color
  • Full torso coverage
  • Removable Inflatable collar
  • Pockets for additional inserts
  • Minimum buoyancy – 200 N
  • Reinforced drag handle

The Kevlar XP from DuPont is the next generation of bullet-resistant Kevlar fiber that’s stronger and lighter than previous versions. Kevlar XP promises to stop .44 Magnum rounds in the first two to three layers of an eleven layer vest. This feat is achieved with an impressive 10 percent less weight and 15 percent less backface deformation which directly translates into less blunt force trauma to vest wearers. While 10% less weight may not sound like much, police officers and soldiers are grateful for a lighter vest, especially when they have to wear tens or even hundreds of pounds of extra gear.


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