Things that usually upset armed robbers

With the state of armed robbery activities in Africa, extra measures need to be taken into consideration to protect lives and valuables. We found after careful investigation that there was only one security system that gave any predictable outcome with aggressive armed robbers: that is the inclusion of a panic room in your security plan.

A Panic room is an enclosure that is used to keep intruders out. It is Hatchet proof, Bullet proof, fire proof, and is immune to power failures, etc.

The following are the downsides of common security gadgets installed in homes:

 Electric fence: yes, this will keep intruders from gaining access to the compound provided they choose to climb over your fence and not UNDER it. AND there is constant power supply and the fence is not cut. Usually robbers simply come the day before, cut the fence, and then come back the next day to attack, or just simply wait until out predictable power supply is off. With power surges, black outs, and cut outs due to storms, people cannot rely on a system that is dependent on constant electric flow.

 CCTV: cameras have gained so much recognition in homes and offices especially in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. It is the most widely recognised security measure a layman will request for when thinking security. As good as this system maybe, it is totally useless watching an arm robber come in to your house and you are unable to run, hide or protect yourself and your loved ones. Yes, you can see them but you are trapped inside with no plan B. There is no database out there to match any face with after the robbery. In a country of over 170 million people and porous borders, armed robbers are actually not afraid of their faces being seen on cameras as there is no way of tracking them down.

 Security (“Bullet Proof”) Doors: an average armed robber visiting your home will not force his way inside your front door, he will simply order you to open the door with a gun pointed at you, or use one of the help to find a way in. Please do not verify if your door is bullet proof with the life of your family. Unless your door is extremely heavy and looks more like a bank vault door- IT IS NOT BULLET PROOF.

 Thing that usually upset the Armed Robbers

1.    They get really angry when there expectation of loot is not met

2.    They are super angry when you deny having more than what they find

So, what do the robbers do?

1.    First, the security guard at the gate is usually killed for being too much nuisance

2.    Your guard dog(s) is /are usually sleeping away or given poison to keep them quiet.

3.    They do rape. Man or Woman.

4.    They maim anyone for trying to play super hero on your behalf

5.    Finally, they shoot and kill for not cooperating with them.

 So, what really can protect from the terror of these unwanted visitors?

 The answer is with prayers. BUT God has given us brains to work with. Security cannot be taken for granted. You need to be extra smart in preparing for the days of dangers that might surface.

 This is why SERVARMOUR has developed a customized solution for the Nigerian threat level and scenarios to protect YOU! from harm’s way.

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